Technical notes

For those who are curious, here is the technical reasoning behind the way this framework is set up.


  • We use Svelte and Sass, both of which are compilers. This means we can pre-calculate as much as possible and we avoid calculating things on the client


  • Using the power of Sveltekit, we can have an SPA, SSR or static site
  • Next to this we have the power of adapters to easily deploy to Netlify, Vercel etc.

Component composition strategy

  • Svelte is a compiler which can compile ahead of time, so there is no reason to minimize the amount of wrapper components
  • Having a set of wrapper components that can work in conjunction, allows us to specify a component API on top of them
  • We deliberately sometimes have more markup than needed for composition flexibility reasons, the ButtonInnerLayout and Toolbar components are good examples
  • We deliberately do not specify utility classes for flexbox, as I find building an API that mimics flexbox's API just leads to a plethora of classes that have a 1:1 relationship; not helping with anything.

CSS strategy

  • We use ITCSS to sort our CSS components

  • Sometimes, duplication is better than abstraction. To avoid tangling unrelated components, even if they share many similarities, code is duplicated (e.g. NavMenu vs SelectMenu)

  • We avoid using Svelte's style tag, so we can make use of consistent SCSS variables and have a way for variables to influence each other with a passthrough logic, something which CSS custom properties is not entirely ready for

  • When customizing this framework, I recommend throwing out all SCSS partials for components you do not use to minimize the final stylesheet

  • We use as much semantic HTML as possible

  • We use as much progressive enhancement that doesn't cause browser bugs

    • This means that some level of PE is avoided where it is unclear what the global support is for said logic
    • The biggest reason for PE is screen reader usage
  • We use BEM for components to make it clear which components belong together e.g.

    <ul class="c-pill-list">
          <li class="c-pill-list__item">
              <span class="c-pill c-pill--default">
          <li class="c-pill-list__item">
              <span class="c-pill c-pill--default">